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world Menucool web widgets are powering numerous web designers and developers in the world to build polished web pages.



Menucool has more than a dozen of web widgets.

In this page you can see four of them:

Demo 1 Demo 2 Demo 3 Demo 4

Ninja Slider

The Ninja Slider at the top of this page.

Resize your browser, or view this page with a touch-enabled device. You will see:
  • The Ninja Slider is responsive (always adapt to the screen size when resizing the window)
  • It is touch-enabled on mobile or iPad devices

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JavaScript Tooltip

It is right this one, the JavaScript Tooltip pop up.

You will see this widget when hovering your mouse over the demo buttons, or clicking the FAQ links in the right pane.

The source of the tooltip content:
  • Local content on this page
  • Or retrieved from other documents (Clicking the Pricing or License link under the FAQ section, and the tooltip's built-in function tooltip.ajax(...) will fetch the content from page Pricing and Licensing).

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The drop down menu at the top of this page.

  • Responsive: Resize the window, the menu will switch to different layout and style in response to to the screen size
  • Touchable: The menu becomes a touchable image icon in mobile phone
  • Build Online: You can easily customize and generate the ddmenu with: Online Drop Down Menu Generator

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Accordion Menu

The accordion menu at the right of this page.

The sub menu that contains the current page URL will be automatically expanded indicating where you are.

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