UIsResponsive Image GridFree
Super PanelFree
Float PanelFree
Back to Top ArrowFree
Color PickerFree
Filter Selects$190.00
Horizontal MenusDrop Down Menu
(basic version)
Drop Down Menu
(advanced version)
Tab Menu$16.00
CSS Menu$7.00
Vertical MenusVertical menuFree
Accordion Menu$9.00
Single-level MenusCSS MenusFree
JavaScript MenusFree
Image SlidersNinja Slider: Responsive and Touch-enabled$29.00
JavaScript Image SliderFree (basic) or $20.00 (advanced)
jQuery Slider: Thumbnails Carousel$20.00
TooltipCSS TooltipFree
JavaScript Tooltip$20.00
TabsTabs ContentFree
Responsive Tabs$20.00

Licenses are required for the charged products on a per-domain basis