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How could I mimic marvel comic book style font with CSS?

I am trying to do a pure CSS logo on a marvel themed slots games site for the logo - you think it's possible to come up with the code that doesn't involve images?
marvelslots  9 years ago   viewed: 38183    

5 Answers

Have you looked into CSS3 custom fonts? Essentially, find a font file you like, download it, and in your css file, have the following rules:

@font-face {
    font-family: 'your_comic_font';
    src: url('comic_font.woff');

.your_logo_div {
    font-family: your_comic_font;
    font-size: 40px;

You can learn more about font-face in this thread:
Milo   9 years ago

With the JavaScript and CSS, you can easily get to know all the related formulations for the SEO and the web designing part for layout and  the book-style front CSS

ArenaAnimation   2 years ago

Yes, it is definitely possible to create a logo using only CSS without the need for any images. The key to achieving this is by using CSS shapes, gradients, and other visual effects to create the desired design. drywall contractor in Detroit Michigan

  one month ago

You can quickly learn all the associated formulas for SEO, the site designing portion for layout, and the book-style front CSS using JavaScript and CSS.  

Austin photographers
  18 days ago

Yes, it is definitely possible to create a logo using pure CSS for your Marvel-themed slots games site. CSS provides powerful styling capabilities, including the ability to create complex shapes, gradients, and animations. By leveraging these features, you can design and implement a logo without relying on external image files. contact us

  9 days ago


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