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Where should I upload the JS CSS and images files to the server

I am a novice in web design. Would you give me some hints on what location the JavaScript, CSS and HTML pages should be uploaded to on the web server?
Harrison  9 years ago   viewed: 42893    

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It doesn't matter where you upload your js, css, html and images. It matters whether your links or file paths in your page(eg. HTML file) and CSS code are correct.

There are two ways to specify the paths. One is absolute, such as "/level1/level2/level3/myjs.js"

The other is relative, such as "level3/myjs.js"(assuming your page is located in level2).

If you are using relative path, you need to pay attention to the images specified in your CSS file. The relative image path in your CSS file should be relative to your CSS file location instead of your page location.  

Natalia   9 years ago

Certainly! When it comes to uploading JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files to a web server, the specific location can vary depending on your server configuration and personal preferences. However, there are some common conventions and best practices to consider: detroit michigan drywall taping

  1. HTML Pages: HTML pages are usually placed in the root directory or a subdirectory of the root directory. The root directory is often named "public_html," "htdocs," or "www" on many servers. Placing your HTML files directly in the root directory allows them to be accessed directly via URLs like If you prefer organizing your files, you can create a subdirectory within the root directory (e.g., public_html/pages/) and place your HTML files there.

  2. CSS Files: CSS files are responsible for styling your HTML pages. Typically, you'll want to place your CSS files in a separate directory to keep them organized and distinguish them from other types of files. Create a directory, such as "css" or "styles," within the root directory or a subdirectory of the root directory and upload your CSS files there. Then, you can reference the CSS files in your HTML pages using relative paths, such as <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css">.

  3. JavaScript Files: JavaScript files can be uploaded to a similar directory structure as CSS files. Create a directory, such as "js" or "scripts," within the root directory or a subdirectory, and upload your JavaScript files there. In your HTML pages, you can include the JavaScript files using relative paths, like <script src="js/script.js"></script>.

Remember to update the file paths in your HTML files accordingly to match the directory structure you choose for your CSS and JavaScript files.

It's important to note that server configurations can vary, and sometimes additional steps may be required to ensure your files are accessible. For example, configuring server settings to allow directory browsing or modifying file permissions. If you're unsure about the server configuration, it's best to consult your hosting provider's documentation or support team for specific instructions.

Lastly, make sure to test your website after uploading the files to ensure they are correctly linked and functioning as expected.

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You must be aware of the pictures listed in your CSS file if you are utilizing a relative path.  

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Where you post your html, photos, java, and css doesn't matter. It important if the links and file paths in your page's (e.g., HTML file) and CSS code are accurate. 

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Instead of being local to the position of your page, the relative image path in your CSS file should be relative to your CSS file location.   

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In general, it's a good idea to use a consistent approach to specifying file paths in your code. Either use all absolute paths or all relative paths. Mixing the two can make your code more difficult to understand and maintain.

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