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Dear users,

If you find our code is not working, in most cases it is because the page contains syntax errors, such as missing a closing tag </div>, the image path is pointing to a wrong location, etc.

Before our investigation, we require that:

  1. You have gone through the Checking List in the followed post below;
  2. Create a testing page online and tell us your testing page URL in your post. Please make sure your testing page contains only the Menucool UI component in question.
  3. You've started from scratch with our demo code to build your testing page as suggested below(see checklist #3 for details). 
  4. Tell us if the demo on our site has the same issue.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Milo  6 years ago   viewed: 57972    

10 Answers


Checking List

1. License or Purchase Reminder issue:

  • Have you read the license section in the related product page on Menucool website?
  • Have you flushed the browser cache by Ctrl F5 after installing the license?

2. Image not showing issue:

If the image is used and specified in a CSS file, please note that the image path should be either an absolute path(starting with "/"), or a relative path that should be relative to the CSS file location instead of the page location.

3. Avoid Code Errors and Conflicts

It is strongly recommended to start from scratch with our demo code and include only our demo code in your page. After seeing the code is working well, add your other components to the page gradually. It will be much easier to find code errors or conflicts(if any) with this approach.

4. IE issue:

  • Test and inform us if the demo on has the same issue;
  • Check if you are missing <!DOCTYPE html> or the DOCTYPE is too old, such as:
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">

5. Pressing Ctrl-Shift-I to test if your page contains bugs

Using Chrome browser, you can quickly test if your page contains errors by just pressing the Ctrl-Shift-I keys (if Mac, press the Option-Command-I). Please read The easiest way to find bugs in your web page
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