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The easiest way to find bugs in your web page


Open your page with Chrome browser, press the Ctrl-Shift-I keys (if Mac, press the Option-Command-I) -> open the Resources panel -> drill down into the files folders(Images, Scripts or Stylesheets folder), then you will easily find if your page contains bugs. The Chrome browser will mark a red symbol besides a file name if the file contains bugs:

Using Chrome console tool to debug

For example, if an image location you uploaded does not match the image path you specified in your markup, the Chrome console tool will mark an red icon besides the image file name under the Images folder.

Debugger panels under the the Console and the Elements tags also contain information that is very helpful for debugging.

Milo  4 years ago   viewed: 26063    

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I have once faced this while I was working on my apple laptop and I keep all of my confidential documents over their. I got scared of getting hacked or the losing of the data, I immediately contacted Apple Customer Support and they removed it and saved me. This is no doubt a very useful thing and thanks for taking such initiative and helping the users.

Lila Martin
  3 days ago
I found the image figure shown above is under the "Resources" tab in the Chrome developer console. Another useful panel is under the Elements tab where you can check out the rendered HTML code to the page.
  4 years ago


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