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How to remove the trial version text o my wesite?

I downloaded the slider and used it on my website, but Ninja Slider trial Version is appearing, how shall I remove it? Do I need to purchase the license? how much it is?
Almustapha  5 years ago   viewed: 44665    

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Hello, I'm using Ninja Slider on my website and I purchased a license. I replaced the code with the licence no. and I hard refreshed but the trial version still appears. 

Can you please help me?


Laura   2 years ago

Clear the cache of your browser. 

Milo   2 years ago
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  4 months ago

Any updates  about hill climb racing 2 . I have same problem with my websites. 

  one month ago

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  one month ago

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  one month ago

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  one month ago

You need to purchase a license to remove the watermark text.

A watermark is a logo, text, or pattern that is intentionally superimposed onto another image. Its purpose is to make it more difficult for the original image to be copied or used without permission.

Sometimes trial versions of software have these watermarks to make the user to purchase the paid version to use the software without any watermarks.

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  27 days ago

I want to remove ddmenu trial version in my site as well. Thanks! Here is the website:

  14 days ago

This is Alicia and I really wanted to know the process. Thanks in advance!

  14 days ago
I downloaded the slider and used it on my website, but Ninja Slider trial Version is appearing, how shall I remove it ? i don't have to purchase it please replay me Urgently...... 
  5 years ago

please remove my trail text

nelson   3 years ago
Purchasing a license by clicking the Buy Now button in Responsive Ninja Image slider and apply it to the Ninja Slider's script will disable the trial version alert.
Milo   5 years ago

i want to remove Accordion Menu trial version in my site

mulayam   one year ago

1. Did you have a valid ddmenu license key?

2. Have you  hard refresh the page?

Milo   3 years ago

Hello, I am a designer, using Ninja Slider into my theme. Can i use this slider for commercials use. Please reply me

Susmita Dhar
  3 years ago

As long as its license is purchased. The license is on a per-domain basis.

Milo   3 years ago

i want to remove ddmenu trial version in my site
  3 years ago


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