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How to remove the trial version text o my wesite?

I downloaded the slider and used it on my website, but Ninja Slider trial Version is appearing, how shall I remove it? Do I need to purchase the license? how much it is?
Almustapha  8 years ago   viewed: 53186    

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Hello, I'm using Ninja Slider on my website and I purchased a license. I replaced the code with the licence no. and I hard refreshed but the trial version still appears. 

Can you please help me?


Laura   5 years ago

Clear your browser cache will resolve the issue. 

Milo   5 years ago

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  3 years ago

Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was searching for!

  3 years ago

I wanted to thank you for posting this free software here. I will check it now to know if it working. I will let you know if everything goes ok on my end.

Lana_Condor   8 months ago

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  6 months ago

After 7 days, it will be automatically deleted.

cookie clicker

  one year ago
I downloaded the slider and used it on my website, but Ninja Slider trial Version is appearing, how shall I remove it ? i don't have to purchase it please replay me Urgently...... 
  8 years ago

please remove my trail text

nelson   6 years ago
Purchasing a license by clicking the Buy Now button in Responsive Ninja Image slider and apply it to the Ninja Slider's script will disable the trial version alert.
Milo   8 years ago

i want to remove Accordion Menu trial version in my site

mulayam   4 years ago

1. Did you have a valid ddmenu license key?

2. Have you  hard refresh the page?

Milo   6 years ago

Hello, I am a designer, using Ninja Slider into my theme. Can i use this slider for commercials use. Please reply me

Susmita Dhar
  6 years ago

As long as its license is purchased. The license is on a per-domain basis.

Milo   6 years ago

i want to remove ddmenu trial version in my site
  6 years ago


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