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FAQ about License

  1. How the license works? Does it go to another web service to verify? Answer
  2. Do I need a license for my dev and testing domain that is different from the final client's domain? Answer
  3. Will it work for sub-domains? Answer
  4. My website is on intranet. Do I need license for using your widgets in my intranet website? Answer
  5. Do you provide developer license that can be applied to multiple websites? Answer
  6. I have multiple domain names pointing to the same website. Can I apply multiple licenses to the same script? Answer
  7. Do I need to renew the license for future upgrades/releases of the widget? Answer
You need to set the acquired license key to the license property in the widget's JavaScript file.

The JavaScript will use its own match pattern code to verify the license with the domain name on the browser's address bar. The JavaScript file will perform the validation by itself and no other services will be involved.

If the validation failed(the domain name doesn't match the license key), the UI component may periodically display a trial version alert, or even disable some functionalities.

The code is fully functional even if the script is not licensed (though it may periodically show a trial version alert). So usually you don't need the license in your dev phase.

If you are developing under the domain localhost, either the trial version alert will be disabled, or we have provided a license for the localhost that you can find in the License section of the product's main page.

Yes. If the license is valid for the main domain, it will also be valid for all its sub-domains(such as,
Yes license is required for intranet domains, and you can enter your intranet domain into the For website box after clicking the Buy Now button.
No. It is on a per-domain basis only.
Yes, it is supported. The following links are the instructions:

For JS Image Slider     For Ninja Slider     For ddmenu     For JS Tooltip

  • If your will be redirected to your, you only need a license for You don't need multiple licenses in this scenario.
  • If your multiple domains are obviously for the same site, such as,,, you can input the regular price for the first domain, and input 1/2 of the price for the others.

No. The license will be valid forever as long as your domain is not changed.

If your domain name is changed, you need to purchase a separate license for the new domain.

You should not change it unless you have been allowed a different price.

Note: If it is different from the normal price, you will not get immediate license notification after the payment. We will review the payment and send you the license manually by email (usually it is within 12 hours).
  • The license is on a per-domain basis. The domain name should be the main domain name of the page URL under which the UI widget will be running.
  • If the page address is, you just need to input the domain name
    Another example: input for;
  • The license will be valid for the domain and all its sub-domains, such as,;
  • Intranet domain name is allowed. If your Intranet address is http://abcd, or http://abcd:1234/, you just need to input abcd;
  • For more details please read the FAQ#1 in this page.
The email will be used to send you the license. Make sure it's correct and accessible.
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