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License for a website that has multiple domains including intranet

We are looking to purchase this drop down menu for use on our Intranet site. I have 3 questions regarding how this will work.
1. We do not use a domain name when connecting to our Intranet site. We use something similar to "http://intranet", so how will the script be able to tell that the user is on the correct site?
2. We have 2 internal URLs that we use to connect to our Intranet (i.e. http://intranet and http://myintranet - don't ask me why). How do we deal with this?
3. In addition to hosting this site on our Intranet, we also host a secured version of our site on a different URL, i.e. https://intranet.domain.com. Although we use different URLs, the sites point to the same files on the server. How would the licensing work in this case?

I wouldn't have an issue with buying 3 different licenses, but the problem is where to update the license keys, because we share the same files.

Thanks in advance, nice work on the menu!
Belinda  11 years ago   viewed: 47705    

3 Answers


1. If all other domains will be redirect to domain1.com, then only the license for domain1.com is required because the license mechanism only verifies the domain name in the address bar of the browser.

2. Recently we’ve updated our Buy Now page that allows intranet address in the “For website” box. The script will not care about http://, https://, and www. , so intranet is not a problem. The script will check the domain name on the address bar of your browser and do the validation by mapping it to the license key. There is no other service involved, and no checks connecting to other places.

3. Yes you can add a piece of code just after the var ddmenuOptions block in the ddmenu.js file to handle the different domains. Below is a sample for four domains:

var ddmenuOptions = { ...... license: "license1" }; if(document.domain.indexOf("domain2.com")!=-1) ddmenuOptions.license = "license2"; else if (document.domain.indexOf("domain3.com")!=-1) ddmenuOptions.license = "license3"; else if (document.domain.indexOf("domain4.com")!=-1) ddmenuOptions.license = "license4"; var ddmenu = new McDdMenu(ddmenuOptions); /* Menucool Drop Down Menu v2013.5.16 Copyright www.menucool.com */ ... (the follows are remain unchanged)

Note: Above domain2.com, domain3.com, and domain4.com must be in lowercase.

4. As said in section 1, http:// and https:// will not be concerned in the validation. So it will not be a question.

  11 years ago

The script will be able to tell that the user is on the correct site by looking at the domain name of the website. If the domain name is intranet or myintranet, then the script will assume that the user is on your Intranet site. Alex Schafers Realtors

  8 months ago

Yes, I agree to you Alex. The script's functionality relies on verifying the user's location on the correct website by examining the domain name. Specifically, if the domain name contains "intranet" or "myintranet," the script will automatically recognize the user as being on your Intranet site. This verification process ensures seamless navigation and access to the appropriate platform, facilitating a smoother user experience. This method, led by the script, helps maintain accuracy in identifying the correct site, thereby enhancing user convenience and usability.

  7 months ago


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