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Multiple Licenses for the same slider?

Are you able to include multiple licenses on a single .js file?  I have multiple URL's of the same website and use Intuit to build the site.  If so, how would i do that?
Matt  11 years ago   viewed: 47508    

3 Answers

Yes you can add a piece of code just after the var sliderOptions block to handle the different domains. Below is a sample for four domains:
var sliderOptions = { ...... license: "license1" }; if(document.domain.indexOf("")!=-1) sliderOptions.license = "license2"; else if (document.domain.indexOf("")!=-1) sliderOptions.license = "license3"; else if (document.domain.indexOf("")!=-1) sliderOptions.license = "license4"; var imageSlider=new mcImgSlider(sliderOptions); /* Menucool Javascript Image Slider ... (the follows are remain unchanged)
  11 years ago

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  one year ago

If you're using a website builder like Intuit, you might need to buy a separate license for each site you create, even if they share the same domain. This requirement exists because each site functions as an individual instance with its own unique URL and set of files.

  one month ago


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