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License question for the website that has multiple domain names


My website has multiple domains pointing to it, and I have acquired the slider licenses for each domain. How do I apply the multiple licenses to the same ninja-slider.js file?

Charles  10 years ago   viewed: 37806    

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You can add a piece of code just after the var nsOptions = {...} block to handle the different domains.

Suppose you have three domains pointing to the same website: license1 for, license2 for, and license3 for Below is the sample code how to apply the three licenses:

var nsOptions = { ...... license: "license1" }; if(document.domain.indexOf("")!=-1) nsOptions.license = "license2"; else if (document.domain.indexOf("")!=-1) nsOptions.license = "license3"; var nslider = new NinjaSlider(nsOptions); /* Ninja Slider ... (the follows are remain unchanged)

Notice the domain names should not include any http:// or www. as the license won't check them. Also, all domain names MUST be in lower case.

Milo   10 years ago
However, if your other domains will be redirect to, you don't need multiple licenses. You just need one license for the
Milo   10 years ago

I have purchased license for But I have many doamins pointing to the app for example-,, so on... and obviously it will not work for different domain. But the point is, it is same application hosted on single domain for which i have purchased license except it may use differnet domain names sometime. Do I have to buy license for all of the domains? :(

nijaSlider User   7 years ago

If all domains will be redirected to, you only need to purchase a license for Otherwise, you have to purchase multiple licenses for,, and so on.

Milo   7 years ago

When you purchase a slider license, you should receive a unique license key for each domain that you have purchased a license for. You can apply the license key to your website by including it in the ninja-slider.js file. residential concrete driveway repair 

You can modify the ninja-slider.js file to include multiple license keys by adding them to the code in the following format: ninjaSliderLicense("license_key_1"); ninjaSliderLicense("license_key_2"); ninjaSliderLicense("license_key_3"); Make sure to replace "license_key_X" with your unique license keys for each domain. You can add as many license keys as needed in this format.

 If you're not comfortable making these changes yourself, I recommend reaching out to the support team for Ninja Slider for assistance with updating the ninja-slider.js file. I hope this helps. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us again. 

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  one year ago

you have acquired multiple licenses for the Ninja Slider JavaScript file for each of your domains, you can apply the licenses by following these steps:

  1. Make sure you have obtained the correct license keys for each domain. Each license key is specific to a particular domain.

  2. Locate the ninja-slider.js file on your server. This file is usually included in the HTML code of your website.

  3. Open the ninja-slider.js file using a text editor or an integrated development environment (IDE).

  4. Look for a section in the file where you can enter the license keys. This section might be labeled as "License Keys" or something similar. The specific location may vary depending on the version of the Ninja Slider you are using.

  5. Inside the license key section, you should see a placeholder or a variable where you can input the license key. It may look something like this:

var licenseKey = 'YOUR_LICENSE_KEY';
  1. Replace the placeholder or the existing license key with the license key corresponding to the current domain. For example:
var licenseKey = 'LICENSE_KEY_FOR_DOMAIN1';
  1. Repeat the above step for each domain, replacing the license key with the corresponding key for each domain.

  2. Save the ninja-slider.js file after making the necessary changes.

By following these steps, you have applied the respective license keys to the ninja-slider.js file for each of your domains. Make sure to upload the modified file to your server and update the HTML code on each domain to include the modified JavaScript file.

  one year ago


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