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Remove arrows once video is playing


I have my arrows inside my div so when I click to open my video I would like the arrows to disappear and then reappear once I close out of the video. I tried through JS but not able to target the ".stopVideoIcon" div because it isn't actually in the html I guess.

Brandon  6 years ago   viewed: 13638    

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I think you are on track, and you have found the following code in ninjaVideoPlugin.js:


Then you can add your own function into the f.onclick event:

f.className="stopVideoIcon"; f.onclick=function(a){ if (myStopVideoCallback) myStopVideoCallback(); g.unloadPlayer();a.stopPropagation()};

And add the following script to your page:

function  myStopVideoCallback() {
Milo   6 years ago

You are right and it is important to remember to add your own function into the f.onclick Drift Boss

  4 months ago
I guess you're right on track just adding those scripts above would make it even more accurate.

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One possible solution is to use JavaScript to add a class to the parent <div> when the video is opened, and remove the class when the video is closed. 

Garten Of Banban

  6 months ago

The steps you did are already pretty good. Add a few more algorithms and you're done 

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