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Play controls lost


I'm using demo5 of ninja video player to play youtube video. When I play the video expand it in ninja (The expand button), then using the youtube controls expand to fullscreen, then exit fullscreen, returning to the expanded ninja screen, then exiting expanded ninja screen to html page. On returning to the normal html page the video controls no longer display. The expanded button still displays but no video controls. This behavior is consistent within your demo5. How to fix?

Bill  7 years ago   viewed: 2517    

2 Answers


This can hardly be fixed. The only solution that we can think of is to add the following parameter to the src link of the YouTube iframe: &fs=0

For details please read:

Milo   7 years ago
I appreciate you taking a look at this. I agree the issue is clearly not a ninja defect since the controls are displayed by youtube as the video runs. 
Bill   7 years ago


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