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Demo 2 jquery - thumbnail slider does not displays main image properly in Firefox browser


Demo 2 (jquery - thumbnail slider) does not displays main image properly in Firefox browser although same works fine in IE or Chrome. Can we fix this for Firefox browser?

Ajay  one year ago   viewed: 2131    

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It seems the Firefox does not allow the perspective and rotateY to come together for the transform property of the selector #thumbnail-slider .active .thumb. So you can make the following modification to the thumbnail-slider.css, and it will start working with the Firefox browser:

/*-- Start 3D --*/ #thumbnail-slider .thumb { -webkit-transform: perspective(500px) translateX(1px) translateZ(-30px) rotateY(30deg); transform: perspective(500px) translateX(1px) translateZ(-30px) rotateY(30deg); } #thumbnail-slider .active .thumb { -webkit-transform: translateX(0px) translateZ(0px) rotateY(0deg); transform: translateX(0px) translateZ(0px) rotateY(0deg); } #thumbnail-slider li.active ~ li .thumb { -webkit-transform: perspective(500px) translateX(-1px) translateZ(-30px) rotateY(-30deg); transform: perspective(500px) translateX(-1px) translateZ(-30px) rotateY(-30deg); } /*-- End 3D --*/
Milo   one year ago


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