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Can the responsive slider constrain max height instead of width?


I have a mix of portraits and landscapes PNGs that I can generate such that the max width or height is 1000px (depending on landscape or portrait orientation).  The slider is expanding my portrait images to 1000px (the width of the container) but I would rather it only expand it up to height of the image instead. Is this possible?

Chris  5 years ago   viewed: 3677    

3 Answers


Set aspectRatio to "auto". For details visit

Milo   5 years ago

Thanks Milo. 

I had already set the aspect ratio to "auto"  but that prioritizes the width as max, I want to prioritize the height as max (in this case 1000px).

Chris   5 years ago

Then you have to do more CSS configurations as the following post suggested:

Milo   5 years ago


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