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Submenus not opening onload


I have tested and installed and got this great menu working.

I migrated it to my site, and the submenus are longer opening onload.

I believe this to be related somehow to my slide bars, here is my test site showing it not working, the menu is on the left hidden.

If i move the menu to the main div, and not to the side div, it all works

Any thoughts?

Jim  7 years ago   viewed: 4171    

2 Answers


Susan   7 years ago

After many hours, I have found the issue.

It seems to be because the div that the menu is within, is initially set to display: none;

Then the menu is displayed after which it is set to block;

Here is an example

Click the left menu toggle, and notice that the menu is aware of which page it is on but has not opened up the accordion.

This page shows it with the fix:

Notice the index 4 now is open as expected.

Jim   7 years ago


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