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Add my own Next Prev button for the image slider

Hello, i want to use my own Next and Prev button, outside of the video, somewhere in the page. I don't want the the button to be over the video. Is there a way to do that? Thanks
Yan  8 years ago   viewed: 10816    

5 Answers


There are three approaches:

  1. From the demo you can see the nav buttons are outside the slider. It is because of the max-width setting:#ninja-slider li > div, #ninja-slider li > a { max-width:960px; } 
  2. In the CSS file, make the div#ninja-slider to be wider than the div#ninja-slider ul so that the nav buttons are outside of the slider
  3. Another option is to add the nav buttons to the page by yourself. It can be anywhere: <div id="ninja-slider-prev"></div> <div id="ninja-slider-next"></div>

    You can see an example of this from the demo 2 in the download package, or

Milo   8 years ago

Thanks, Milo for being such a great help as always. Do you think this nav button still works?junk removal fencing company charlotte

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  7 months ago

Cool! Didn't know this was possible. Thanks for providing the steps here, Milo.

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peterparkerrbu   one month ago


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