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Different Timer for each image



Can you explain how to acheive different pause time for different image...Thanks in advance


John  10 years ago   viewed: 3546    

5 Answers


hello, could you please paste an example of how to set different pause time for different slides? I just can't make it work

AR   7 years ago
Thanks Milo ..I used


function afterSlideChange(args)

  10 years ago
Can you guide me how to get the video end event
  10 years ago

If your video is YouTube, you will find the following code
(Currently it is the /* Menucool Video Plugin v2014.2.5. Copyright */):

function f(b){if({var d=document.getElementById("mcVideo"+a.Id), c=d.parentNode.parentNode.getAttribute("data-autonext"); if(c=="replay");else c!="false"&&a.To(1,1);mcVc(a.Id,1)} if(,0);else,2)}

That is minified from:

function onPlayerStateChange(event) {     if ( == 0) { //ended         var ifrm = document.getElementById("mcVideo" + innerSlider.Id);         var autonext = ifrm.parentNode.parentNode.getAttribute("data-autonext");         if (autonext == "replay")   ;         else if (autonext != "false")             innerSlider.To(1,1);         mcVc(innerSlider.Id, 1);     }     if( == 1) //playing         mcVc(innerSlider.Id, 0);     else if ( == 2) //paused         mcVc(innerSlider.Id, 2); }

So you can insert your call in the block within the block.

Milo   10 years ago


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