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Different Timer for each image



Can you explain how to acheive different pause time for different image...Thanks in advance


John  9 years ago   viewed: 3429    

5 Answers


hello, could you please paste an example of how to set different pause time for different slides? I just can't make it work

AR   7 years ago
Thanks Milo ..I used


function afterSlideChange(args)

  9 years ago
Can you guide me how to get the video end event
  9 years ago

If your video is YouTube, you will find the following code
(Currently it is the /* Menucool Video Plugin v2014.2.5. Copyright */):

function f(b){if({var d=document.getElementById("mcVideo"+a.Id), c=d.parentNode.parentNode.getAttribute("data-autonext"); if(c=="replay");else c!="false"&&a.To(1,1);mcVc(a.Id,1)} if(,0);else,2)}

That is minified from:

function onPlayerStateChange(event) {     if ( == 0) { //ended         var ifrm = document.getElementById("mcVideo" + innerSlider.Id);         var autonext = ifrm.parentNode.parentNode.getAttribute("data-autonext");         if (autonext == "replay")   ;         else if (autonext != "false")             innerSlider.To(1,1);         mcVc(innerSlider.Id, 1);     }     if( == 1) //playing         mcVc(innerSlider.Id, 0);     else if ( == 2) //paused         mcVc(innerSlider.Id, 2); }

So you can insert your call in the block within the block.

Milo   9 years ago


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