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Regain control- invoke an event while the popup is in place

I am new to programming. I love your tooltip! But, how do I get control back from the onmouseover? I need to click (onmousedown) the object to evoke an event... your simple tootip keeps the popup in place....
David A Sampson  9 years ago   viewed: 2980    

3 Answers

If you mean you want to popup the tooltip when hovering, but you also hope the tooltip will be gone when clicking the element, you can:
<span onmouseover="tooltip.pop(this, 'hi there')" onclick="runClickEvent(this); tooltip.hide();">Hi there</span>
Milo   9 years ago
Thanks for your response. I already added the code you suggest. I need to re-structure the code because I want to invoke an event with a click... (page slide). As it is now, at least as I am using it, it maintains control (will not let me click).
David A Sampson   9 years ago
Sorry don't understand what you mean. I tested:
<span onmouseover="tooltip.pop(this, 'hi there')" onclick="console.log(0); tooltip.hide();">Hi there</span>
And it is working.
Milo   9 years ago


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