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slider purchase reminder

i use the image slider theme/6 and when i start the page, slider purchase reminder light up??

Huber Netten  8 years ago   viewed: 37265    

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I purchased the license for the js slider, I see that the js sliser uses the tool tip as packages from you.

I added the license you gave me  to the  files

js-image-slider.js and tooltip.js

do i need to buy 2 licenses? one for each ?  

If so that wasn't clear when I downloaded and installed the stuff . either way, just let me know.



Rick   7 years ago

Please read the last paragraph on page

Milo   7 years ago
That is the one i use, and where i get the problem "slider purchase reminder"?
Huber Netten   8 years ago
Please read and post your testing URL here so that I can take a look to see where you stuck. 
Milo   8 years ago
i have the same situation, my website  , can you give me a suggestion?
Jakewu   8 years ago
Your slider2 has included the thumbnails support. That is an advanced feature.
Milo   8 years ago
So if we are using thumbnails from one of the demos ( I am using Demo 5 of the JS Slider ), we need a license?
Brad   8 years ago
Yes, you are right.
Yes, you are right.
Milo   8 years ago
Please tell me how to purchase the license?
I tried to find the information, but I couldn't find any.
  8 years ago
You should find the Buy Now link at the top left of this page.
Charlie   8 years ago
Slider purchase reminder showing up on:!/page_home

Jessica   6 years ago
Video support requires a valid license.
Milo   8 years ago
I only use the photo slideshow, without videos....
Huber Netten   8 years ago
Then you can check the feature list on page
Milo   8 years ago


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