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Invalid argument error


tooltip works great in the VS2010 development environment (Tooltip v2013.7.8)

However I am getting a javascript "Invalid argument" error when I view the page from our DEV server.

The error occurs on the line: h[a][y]=n;

The variable n contains the value "NaNPx", a and y contain "style" and "width"I am using the DEV license 64628 so I should see the prompt, but instead I am getting the error.
Thanks in Advance


Gary  9 years ago   viewed: 3266    

3 Answers

Please follow the so that I can debug.
Milo   9 years ago

This is for an intranet application inside a large corporation, I cannot provide an internet facing page.

Incidentally, this is for use in frames within a microsoft dynamics page. There are two frames in one page, both need the tooltips. Could this be part of the issue?

Gary   9 years ago
I solved the problem. I had neglected to copy the tooltip.CSS file to the server. With that file on the server, the tooltip now works properly.
Gary   9 years ago


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