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making the arrows more prominent?

I'm using your slider and its great - but where do I go to enlarge the click arrows on mobile devices? They're fine on the desktop, but need to be bigger on a phone.
kev  9 years ago   viewed: 8166    

1 Answer


If you are talking about the navigation pagers for smartphone, please visit How to make the navigation pagers larger in mobile devices

You can use media query in your ninja-slider.css file to make a separate copy for the navigation control styles (suppose you have a larger navs-for-mobile.png image):

@media only screen and (max-width: 533px) { #ninja-slider-prev, #ninja-slider-next { width:100px; height:100px; background-image: url(img/navs-for-mobile.png); } #ninja-slider-prev:hover {background-position:0 -100px;} #ninja-slider-next { right: 0; background-position:-100px 0; } #ninja-slider-next:hover {background-position:-100px -100px;} }
Milo   9 years ago


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