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Do not start the image slider until it is hovered

Hi, how can I set the autostart the slider when I open a site, always needs to mouseover the image and only after that will the slider start. please help
kristian1410  9 years ago   viewed: 3445    

1 Answer


Menucool image slide will auto start if you have set {autoAdvance: true} in the js-image-slider.js.

So we have to set it to { autoAdvance: false, }.

Then this option should be changed once the slider is hovered. To accomplish this, we can add the script below to the page using the slider's built-in functions that are listed in the image slider demo 4:

<script> var flag = true; document.getElementById("slider").onmouseover=function() { if(myFlag) { imageSlider.changeOptions({autoAdvance: true}); flag = false; //if you need the scrolling immediately, add:; } } </script>
Milan   9 years ago


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