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How to hide right arrow when overlapped

The  width of the submenu isn't wide enough to accommodate the label "Drop Down Menu Templates " , the letters collide with the right arrow. I changed just two lines in the demo under ul.menuH ul
padding: 0 100px 10px 0;
This causes the sub-sub-menu to overlap the right arrow but the arrow shows through. How do I hide it when it lies under the overlap?

Colin Ferguson  10 years ago   viewed: 6757    

1 Answer

You can add an inline style to disable the right arrow. For example:
    <ul class="menuH decor1" license="2c8m1">
        <li style="margin-left:70px;"><a class="arrow" style="background-image:none;">Dropdown Menu</a>
Milo   10 years ago


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