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Is it possible to have all items to be in a collapsed state on load


Hi, Trying out your accordion menu on my site and had a quick question. In my use case, I will have links on all the items (categories as well as sub items) and I also have additional sub-sub items. So as an example I have Americas > United States > Colorado > Denver. (Americas is the category with United States as one of the sub items, Under United States I have states and then cities). Is it possible to have ALL the sub menu's in a collapsed state till the user wants to expand it?

I have some experience with javascript and can possibly modify your js file but since it's minified it's hard to read where I need to make the change. I have tried using amenu.close(false) and it seems to be working for only some of the items but never for any of the sub items inside...

Sanjay  10 years ago   viewed: 3474    

1 Answer

The only way I can think of is the close function of the accordion menu. If it cannot satisfy your requirement, there in probably no other ways.
Milo   10 years ago


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