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My company would like to use Menucool Tooltip in a intranet web application.

Our application will use the intranet link[web-path] or http://hkg-app-011/[web-path].  What shall we enter in the "For website" field in the licence payment page?

Wilson Hau  10 years ago   viewed: 4873    

4 Answers

Enter, and in the Comment box tell menucool that intranet domain hkg-app-011 is also required.
milo   10 years ago

f you are using Menucool Tooltip for an intranet web application, you can enter "intranet" or "localhost" in the "For website" field on the license payment page. This is because the license is generally tied to a specific domain name or website, and since you are using the application on your own intranet, you don't have a publicly accessible domain name. You can contact Menucool support to confirm this and to ensure that you are properly licensed for your intended use case.

melon playground

  6 months ago
When entering the information in the "For website" field on the Menucool Tooltip license payment page, you should enter the domain or URL of your intranet web application. In this case, you can enter either "[web-path]" or "hkg-app-011/[web-path]" depending on how you access your application within your intranet.  FNF 

  4 months ago

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