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Form in drop down menu

I have place a form in one of the drop down menu items.  Seems to work.  Is this going to work or cause security risk.
Antonio  10 years ago   viewed: 5329    

5 Answers

The drop down menu is a plain HTML element. Your form within the menu is just like a form within your page.
Joe   10 years ago

Yeah. Embed the form into the menu just like you do it within your web page. There is no difference:)

Alex   9 years ago

I have placed a form in one of the drop down menu items and it works perfectly, but when I use the TAB key to switch input form, the menu closes due to accessibility. How to solve it?

Riccardo   8 years ago

Open the ddmenu.js, search for "keydown", you will be located to this sentence:


Just delete above sentence to disable the TAB key functions for the menu.

Milo   8 years ago

1. Create the <select> element first.

The container for the list is a <select> element. The entire list is encased in the <select></select> pair.

2. Give the select element an ID.

You'll use this ID to refer to the element in code.

3. Add an option element to the select element.

It helps to indent the options to remind yourself that they're part of theselect object.

4. Give each option a value.

The value is the response sent to a program when the user chooses an option. The user will not necessarily see the value.

5. Indicate the text the user will see between the <option> and</option> tags.

This can be different from the value, or the same. (That will make more sense after you do some JavaScript coding.)

6. Add as many options as you want.

Create a new option object for each choice you want to have available in the list.

  8 years ago


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