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No scroll not working with linked tab

I've tried linking to a tab from within the same document and other pages and I can't get it to load without scrolling. My tabbed content sits below a header and I'd like to be able to load a page on a specific tab with the header content still showing. 

When I add #hash?data-scroll=false to the end of a URL in a link, the page will load with the first tab selected and it seems to ignore the hash.
Joe E  9 years ago   viewed: 3889    

4 Answers

Do you have a testing page staged online?
Milo   9 years ago
Yes, and there is a test link after the first paragraph linking to the live page's second link with data-scroll=false.
Joe E   9 years ago
Thank you for your testing page.
We found a bug and have just submitted its fix. Please download and use the latest version of the McTabs (v2014.2.25). 
Thanks for helping us to find this bug. 
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
Milo   9 years ago
Works perfectly - thanks for the quick response!
Joe E   9 years ago


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