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Style tabs to have same width

I am attempting to make all of these tabs the same width but the style is not applying to the tabs. I am setting a width of 200px to ul.tabs li a {} and it will not change the width. Is it possible to get all of the tabs to look exactly the same?
Nikki  10 years ago   viewed: 12893    

5 Answers

can i add this source to blog? like blogger, and how to add this source to the post?
thank you very much
ian nicky
  9 years ago
If the blogger allows you to link external JavaScript files, or allows you to embed <script>...</script> and <style>...</style>, then you can add this widget to your post.
Natalia   9 years ago


Can I get different width for each tab?

bey   8 years ago

By default it has different width according to the length of the link text.

Milo   8 years ago
You can get it by the following update to the tabcontent.css file:

(Assume you want all the tabs having the same width of 80px)
ul.tabs { padding: 0; } ul.tabs li a { display:inline-block; *display:inline;/*for old IE*/ width:80px; margin-bottom:-1px; }

I didn't test it in all browsers. Please try it out and let me know if you have any issues with it.
  10 years ago


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