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Sub-menus horizontal?

Is there a way to make the sub-menus horizontal in a vertical accordion menu?
Rob  11 years ago   viewed: 9290    

3 Answers

I guess the CSS can make it, but cannot image how good it will look like.
Milo   11 years ago
Thanks for answering!

Yeah, i tried to style (float:left) the li tags just to see how it would look like. It looked ok, except that the menu slides down same length as it would normally. So it left a big gap in the menu.
So i was thinking if there's somewhere in the code to edit to make it look good. I know nothing about Javascript so i cant figure it out by myself.

Rob   11 years ago
Wasn't difficult to do it with CSS, I was just having a moment of slow head... lol
I just put a <div> for every link inside one <li> and styled the div.
So now it looks something like this

      2012   2011   2010
      2009   2008   2007
Another menu item
Another menu item

Thanks for a great menu!

Rob   11 years ago


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