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Adding caption text for each image in the jQuery Slider

I have installed the software, the jQuery slider of the pure javascript version.

How i want to place text under each image? This is because i want to give a short brief of the images displayed.
Suha  4 years ago   viewed: 27730    

5 Answers

Just add the caption element inside the <li> element. Please refer to the stylesheet code in the download package to see how they are styled. Also don't forget to give the caption a font-size as the slider's wrapper UL has been set font-size:0 that will be inherited by its children.
  4 years ago
I would like to add text (not caption)below on every thumb ,how could it do? ,i tried adding text ,div below thumbnail ,but its not working ,any suggestions?
  9 months ago

The slider's CSS has set its wrapper, UL, font-size:0 that will be inherited by all its children. So you need to give your caption or text DIV the font size back such as font-size:16px;

Milo   9 months ago

This didn't work for me.  Got any other suggestions?

John Phillips
  one year ago

Sorry, I just needed to put a font size and color in the css to make it show up.

John Phillips
  one year ago


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