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Adding caption text for each image in the jQuery Slider

I have installed the software, the jQuery slider of the pure javascript version.

How i want to place text under each image? This is because i want to give a short brief of the images displayed.
Suha  6 years ago   viewed: 33763    

7 Answers

Just add the caption element inside the <li> element. Please refer to the stylesheet code in the download package to see how they are styled. Also don't forget to give the caption a font-size as the slider's wrapper UL has been set font-size:0 that will be inherited by its children.
  6 years ago
I would like to add text (not caption)below on every thumb ,how could it do? ,i tried adding text ,div below thumbnail ,but its not working ,any suggestions?
  3 years ago

The slider's CSS has set its wrapper, UL, font-size:0 that will be inherited by all its children. So you need to give your caption or text DIV the font size back such as font-size:16px;

Milo   3 years ago

Sorry guys, but I'm not so good in styling, can someone show me how he did it, cause I want to add a link with the name of the image, and I dont know exactly how, I added <p>, <a> and <div> element inside the li tag I put them font size 16px and color but they are not showing. I'm using the first demo slide horizontal one for thumbnails. Thank you

Teodor   one year ago

Ups my fault its working but I need to give it margin top to my div, but the slider box height is a problem cause my text is hiding

Teodor   one year ago

This didn't work for me.  Got any other suggestions?

John Phillips
  4 years ago

Sorry, I just needed to put a font size and color in the css to make it show up.

John Phillips
  4 years ago


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