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how to make menu expand

I generate tooltip contents dynamically like this:

var content='';
content = '<div id="rectangle" onmouseover="addRectangleToDiv()>...</div>';
tooltip.pop(caller, content);

Now all I've shown so far works fine.
Now addRectangleToDiv() function adds more stuff to the contents of the tooltip menu but the tooltip does not resize to display this content newly added.

function addRectangleToDiv(){

So the question is, how do I make the tooltip resize after I change its contents in order for the tooltip to fit the new contents?
Adrian  10 years ago   viewed: 10494    

1 Answer

Have you tried the double hash sign approach?
You can refer to the 2nd item of the "3 Ways to Set Tooltip Content" under the "How to Use" tab on page Tooltip Widget.
milo   10 years ago


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