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Help Cant Figure out how to install in Magento Go

Been trying for 3 hours now, and can't seem to get this to work. I installed the CSS in Mag Go's CSS area, and the js in Mag Go's Java Script area, and I placed this code:

<div id="slider"> <img src="slide-1.jpg" alt="Caption for slide 1" /> <img src="slide-2.jpg" /> <a href=""><img src="slide-3.jpg" /></a> <img src="slide-4.jpg" /> <img src="slide-5.jpg" alt="Caption for slide 5" /> </div>

Into the page I wanted the slider to show up on, and the box show up on the specified page, but nothing else. No banner, no navigation buttons, nothing.
I was unable to find the html source code that the directions suggest are in the [demo1.html] link that I downloaded.
Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. sorry about the duplicate Questions, but I mistakenly make the other heading look like I was offering help instead of asking for it by adding a question mark to the title.
Sorry :(
Jed Pekoy  10 years ago   viewed: 5926    

1 Answer

I was able to fix it and here's what had happened.  I had copied the image slider.js to a text editor, then re-saved and imported into the Java Script area in Magento Go.  Apparently that corrupted the file, because all I had to do was import the original image slider.js into the Java Script area, then it worked fine.
Jed Pekoy   10 years ago


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