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menu close in iOS

Hi there,

I am looking to implement your tooltip menu, but I need it to work on browsers and also in iOS where the submenus tend to stay open.

How can I have the submenus close on their own after a set delay on iOS

I really like that menu so far.


Paul  6 years ago   viewed: 8615    

8 Answers

Menucool will release a new version of the tooltip widget in July 6th 2013 which will:

1. Support iOS devices(iPhone, iPad and iPod) and other mobile devices such as Android, IEMobile:
In mobile devices, the tooltip popup will contains a close button so that user can always close the tooltip window by clicking the button.

2. Support multiple forms:
The update will support the submit post if the tooltip window contains form element(controls) and even the submit button. The post can be submitted either through Ajax or through the whole page post.

3. Support smartPosition option
By default, if there is no enough space to show the tooltip window, the tooltip will re-position itself to make it always viewable. Sometimes it will be unexpectedly over an element and you cannot see or access it anymore. Set the smartPosition option to false will disable the re-positioning.
  6 years ago
That does not work because with sticky as true the submenu will remain open in all the browsers. I want all the submenus to close on their own as they do now. If I can have a close button as well, then in iOS the user will be able to manually close the submenu, at least until you find a better solution.

In your demo2, the last tooltip to appear has a close button because of :"    overlay: true", but it also closes on itself because of the "setTimeout(tooltip.hide, 16000);" in the script. 
That would work for both regular browsers and also in iOS, but I don't know how to have that function applied to the regular "<a href="#" onmouseover="tooltip.pop(this, '#sub1', {offsetY: -10})">some text</a>

If you can give me an example of how to give a setTimeout to the "onmouseover" then I think that would work everywhere.


Paul   6 years ago
I don't think we are able to control the onmouseout of the target element as its onmouseout event is re-defined in the tooltip.js script:
I am not sure if your iOS issue is caused by too short of the delay. If you open the tooltip.js with Notepad and update the +100 to +300, will it work?
milo   6 years ago
We didn't test the tooltip widget in iOS, and don't know why it is like that yet.
milo   6 years ago
thanks Milo,

is there a way to have the tooltip submenu close on it's own like they do in the demo and still have a working close button on it?
Paul   6 years ago
Then you need to set the sticky option as true. 
Please read the tooltip options under the How to Use tab on page

milo   6 years ago
Thanks Milo,

I tried that and it did not make any difference. In iOS, the submenus remain open.

The easiest solution might be to add a close button, but I still need the submenus to close on their own in the other browsers, so I can't use sticky.

Paul   6 years ago
Regretfully I cannot go further as I have no iOS and therefore no way to detect where the issue is.
milo   6 years ago


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