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TypeError with JavascriptImageSlider in Drupal Block

I am getting a "TypeError: C.e is undefined"
Type Error
My variables are defined both in the script and in the html:


Again I am putting this into a Drupal Block. All assets seem to be loading correctly. I can see links to both the js and the css in the page source code. Net panel in Firebug does not show any missing images.

My workflow was to build it out locally, (it worked fine on the desktop,) then integrate it into Drupal. I had this working yesterday with the same js, but a different theme (markup and CSS.) For some reason today I am getting the error above.

Thanks in advance,
J. Fellers

J. Fellers  9 years ago   viewed: 6722    

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Never mind. This is totally a Drupal 6 thing.  I found a solution---makes no sense--but it works. For any Drupal folk -- I changed the 'input format' to 'php code' and it seemed to fix it. Never mind that this particular page body field has only js, html and css. (Or that there is another instance of 'javaImageSlider' (different theme,) running in "Full HTML" (in a block,) on another page of the same site.) Weird.
J. Fellers   9 years ago


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