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Css3 transitions for drop-menu

We just purchased 3 domain licenses for your drop-down menu. I would like to use a fade-in/out transition for the drops (classier than the slide) and I would think this could be accomplished thru css. However my attempt to add this myself did not work, even tho I have transitions working for all my links, including the links in the menu drops. 

I asked this before, and was unable to find my post, but you suggested using the tooltip menu. This isn't an option because we already had a significant amount of time invested in this menu.

I'm confused as to why your script writes <nav></nav> in the head section, since that doesn't validate. Is that a bug?

Also, do we get notifications of updates when they come out?

My primary reason for changing to this script is support for mobile devices, so I hope you continue to support them.

Rick Steinwand  10 years ago   viewed: 6108    

2 Answers

Hi Rick,
<nav></nav> is HTML5 tags that is the future of the navigation menu and, it is said, the major search bots think it is semantic and good for SEO, and our menu code has made it work in all browsers. If you think it is invalid, you can turn it to <div></div> that will be working the same. 

Yes we can add the fading effect option to the current version. As it is not a snap and we are quite tied up these days, can you wait for some days? I guess we can get it done within a week. You can send us an email so that we can send the updated version of the script to you. 

Milo   10 years ago
We have uploaded the new version of the drop down menu(v2013.12.1). Now it has the {effect: "fade"} option.
Milo   10 years ago


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