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how to link content from external pages ?

I am looking to use js tooltip for my site. But in the example, content from product.xml is displayed. If I want to put my content on it how to put similarly ? what kind of file format supported and where should I upload those file ?
chitra b gurung  8 years ago   viewed: 5889    

5 Answers

Go to the home page of the JavaScript Tooltip, click on the download button, and see how the demo1 is coded.
milo   8 years ago
Is it necessary to change JS file as well html code ? or just adjust html code only ?
  8 years ago
You just need the Html code only.
milo   8 years ago
I was trying to use html file but it does not load is there special format for coding ?
  8 years ago
Please refer to our demos and detailed instructions on our website.
Milo   8 years ago


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