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Menu Not Opening on Load

I have not yet purchased the widget, so you may see the purchase reminder notice. I am wishing for the menu on the test page linked below to load with the parent folders of the active page opened so it's apparent where the visitor currently is; however, it loads with the menu completely collapsed. I would expect the menu to load with "Main" and "Compact With Texans" folders expanded to display "Temp" as the current location.

Please take a look and let me know what I am doing wrong. Test page found here:
Les  9 years ago   viewed: 5416    

4 Answers

I think I now have it sorted. In the CMS code that generates the list of links, I had some that wrapped a link with <strong> tags if it is active. Apparently, that 'hard-coded' strong tag conflicted with the accordion menu script.
Les   9 years ago
That page should display the menu item below as it is the current page URL:

 <li><strong> <a href="/index/compact/temp.htm" title="Temp">Temp - L3 (0)</a> </strong></li>

But I found all items are collapsed.

Before my investigation, would you please firstly make sure your menu HTML markup is error free(so many careless users have syntax errors such as missing a closing tag, cross-nested tags, etc), or make less items so that it is easy to bebug? 
Milo   9 years ago
I have removed code not related to the menu and checked the remaining for syntax errors. Source formatting is a bit poor due to the way our CMS is generating the content, but it appears to be valid. It checks out against the W3C validator.

Les   9 years ago
Hi Les,
Sorry I will be out for some time and won't reply you within a couple of hours. Please check out this post three hours later.
Milo   9 years ago


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