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menu lays behind the image slider

Are you aware of JavaScript issues, the menu doesn't seem to work well with other JavaScript menus. I have a drop-down menu that uses JavaScript, it isn't accessible when it lays over the menu slider.

if you hover over a menu item and try to select any link that hangs over the menu slider, the JavaScript drop-down will disappear.
How do I fix that?
Angela  10 years ago   viewed: 22137    

5 Answers

Give your menu a higher z-index value, say:
.myMenu {z-index:1000;}

Note: if your menu container has a lower z-index than the z-index of your image or the container of your image, above won't work. You have to increase the z-index of the menu container, or decrease the z-index of your image(or the container of the image).

milo   10 years ago

Thank u very much issue is resolved when i add this z-index:1000; CSS. 

Rohith   7 years ago
I have tried this edit but still no success in keeping CSS Menu over top of Java Slider. Both of which are from Any additional suggestions would be appreciated.
Jamie   9 years ago
I am having the same problem, Angela. The Image is on top of my drop down menu. The only difference my menu is pure css.
Have you found a solution for your problem?
Thank you.
Luiz   9 years ago
I decrease the z-index of my image's containing element and it works. It is surely the z-index issue.
Milan   9 years ago


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