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load the tooltip window.load or document.ready?
Can change this?

Thank you very much!
Patricio  9 years ago   viewed: 3349    

3 Answers

The tooltip is instantiated only by the first time the tooltip.pop(...) or tooltip.ajax(...) is called when mouse is hovering a target element. It is instantiated neither by window.onload nor DOM ready.
Milo   9 years ago

In fact $(document).ready() or $(document).ready(function()) has many advantages over window.load, so it is often used.

tunnel rush

  9 months ago

When it comes to loading a tooltip in JavaScript, the best practice is to wait for the entire page to finish loading before initializing the tooltip. This ensures that all the HTML elements, stylesheets, and scripts are fully loaded and ready to be used.

You can achieve this by using the window.onload event or the $(document).ready() function in jQuery. Both of these methods ensure that the DOM is ready before executing the tooltip code.

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