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Content of all tabs visible on page load

Thanks for this. I notice that when the page initially loads, content of all tabs are visible for a few seconds before only the default tab content is shown. Any reason for this?
Ismail  9 years ago   viewed: 18985    

11 Answers

Hi Joe (and other stuck with this problem),

I've managed to resolve the problem. What Milo means in the above comment is to add style="display:none"; directly into your html div that is holding your tabcontent. 

So, for example:
<div class="tabcontents">
      <div id="tab1">
           tab 1 content here
       <div id="tab2" style="display: none;">
           tab 2 content here

Apply the style="display:none"; to each tab that you don't want to be be seen on the first load of the page containing all the tabs (and their content).

This solved the problem.
  9 years ago
Yes adding to each tab div that fixed it - thanks
Joe   9 years ago

This is wrong. after click tab also content is not loading

  4 years ago
Would you please try update the tabcontent.css as:
And let me know the results?
Milo   9 years ago

I tried it and it doesn't seem to work

venge io

  one year ago

I've come across the same problem. Updating the css to that code does not do the trick (just hides the entire content).

Any idea how to tackle this? Thanks!
invert   9 years ago


I'm having the same issue, any fix for this? It seems like it doesn't cache after the initial load of the page. I have images in the content area for each tab. I'm using it on my homepage so when a visitor navigates away from the homepage, then goes back to the homepage (say by clicking on the logo) the images for each tab are reloaded and are visible for a sec or two.



Joe   9 years ago

This suggests that each word's true and false letters will be displayed separately, and that all words will match your initial guess. 1v1 lol

  11 months ago

style="display:none" can be used. When the page loads, the contents of the tabs will be displayed

slope ball

  9 months ago

This brief visibility of all tab content is a common occurrence in web development, but it typically resolves quickly as the page finishes loading and the desired tab display is achieved. fnf

  3 months ago

In web development, it is common for all tab content to be shown for a short time while the page loads, but this issue is usually resolved as soon as the page is fully loaded and the intended tab display is accomplished. basketball stars

HAods   3 months ago


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