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I have reviewed the troubleshooting info and I have one problem that I have been unable to solve with Ninja Slider. Ninja Slider insists on being on top of an exit-intent modal box (Ouibounce). I tried adjusting the z-index values, but these elements do not overlap, so they're not relevant in this context.

By specifying the ninja-slider style as sticky:
<div id="ninja-slider" style="position:sticky;">

I was able to solve the issue in both Chrome and Firefox, but not Safari, which still has the modal box display underneath Ninja Slider.

I have everything ready to go and would very much prefer to pay for Ninja Slider rather than switch to another option, but the audience is mostly Mac users so Safari is critical and dropping the exit intent isn't feasible.

Do you have any suggestions to make Ninja Slider not insist on being on top of an exit-intent modal in Safari? Thank you.

Brian  one year ago   viewed: 926    

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To be helpful to others, the Ninja Slider developer was incredibly kind and patient (thank you!), the solution was to change the ouibounce.css/ouibounce.min.css files to add a line with a high z-index to #ouibounce-modal. By default, there is a z-index specified in #ouibounce-modal .modal, but there is not a z-index specified in #ouibounce-modal at all. Hope this is useful.

Brian   one year ago


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