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it jerks when I switch to different ones

it jerks when I switch from one image to another. It is turned off then start another. I think if it is made not to turned off during switches, it would be better.
nani  9 years ago   viewed: 9553    

2 Answers

Set the css position property to fixed.  That worked when I ran into that issue.  If you're wondering why things shift, in my case it was because the popup portion of the menu became visible during ":hover" which meant, extra space was needed to display the popup menu.  By making the position fixed, the popup simply overlaps everything so the items underneath don't need to get resized.
  9 years ago
Our new release v2012.11.11 has solved the issue. Now it won't jerk when switching from one target to another. 

You can set the transitional effect by either "fade" or "slide".
Milo   8 years ago


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