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Add multiple sliders to one page?

I'm trying to add two sliders, one with a horizontal sliding transition and the second with a fading transition, to one page. however, whenever I try to add the second slider's options to the js file, the other slider stops working. Can someone provide me with the exact formatting needed for two sliders in the .js file that i can copy/paste? Thanks.
Jourdan  7 years ago   viewed: 40882    

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You can do it as follows:

<div id="sliderFrame1"> <div id="slider1"> <img src="images/image-slider-1.jpg" alt="" /> <img src="images/image-slider-2.jpg" alt="" /> ... ... </div> </div> ... ... <div id="sliderFrame2"> <div id="slider2"> <img src="images/image-slider-3.jpg" alt="" /> <img src="images/image-slider-4.jpg" alt="" /> ... ... </div> </div>
This is part of my js-image-slider.js code (NOTE: Link this script only once. One copy only.):

var sliderOptions1= { sliderId: "slider1", effect: "13,17,13,13,5", ... ... }; var sliderOptions2= { sliderId: "slider2", effect: "13", ... ... }; var imageSlider1=new mcImgSlider(sliderOptions1); var imageSlider2=new mcImgSlider(sliderOptions2); ..... (other codes remain untouched)....
And then I included two copies of stylesheets: js-image-slider1,css, and js-image-slider2.css:
For js-image-slider1.js, I change all selectors to be:
#sliderFrame1 {position:relative;width:500px;margin: 0;} #slider1 { ... } #slider1 img {...}

For js-image-slider2.js, I change all selectors to be:
#sliderFrame2 {position:relative;width:340px;margin: 0 auto;} #slider2 { ... } #slider2 img {...}

  7 years ago

Thanks. I used this method on my page and it works well. :-)

Faniso   2 years ago

This works for two sliders, but not for more than two on one site. What am I missing? The Javascript is not running for slider3 and higher, so it's not a CSS issue.

Rumi   one year ago

Oh well, never mind, I've found the error!

Rumi   one year ago

I think this solution needs some modifications, it doesn't seem to be working with all the effects!

Anyone getting it works with latest version ?


rami.alloush   3 years ago

in java script other code remains same means which code?

  one year ago

every thing working fine, 

thank you so much bro... 

bobby   5 months ago

I am trying to do the same thing and I am getting the slideshows to work fine.  However, the bullets now will not show up.  The bullets were fine until I added the second slider. Any thoughts?

Shanna   3 years ago

The bullets are configured through CSS. You need to check out the stylesheet.

Milo   3 years ago

but dose not working arrows in multiple slider in one page

Jaydeep   3 years ago


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