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Tab content: SEO friendly?

Is the tab content accessable to search engines? Is your tabbed content seo friendly?
Franco  11 years ago   viewed: 28142    

11 Answers

hi i have checked many times but Google can't find individual pages, so its have a lots of problem in this tab. it is not seo friendly if it is then Google segregate singular pages and show the results but Google Can't show my Pages . 
  10 years ago
We are re-writing the Tab Content and it will be released around mid June, 2013.
The updated one will give more concern from the SEO perspective.
  10 years ago
Yes, the tabbed content is SEO friendly. As all contents are written in the HTML markup, contents are exposed to all search engines such as Google, Bing. The Javascript file that hides some tags will not be run by the search engine so they are always accessible and visible to search engines.
  11 years ago

If you want SEO friendly content and you want to make it forward compatible, the tabs should go to separate pages. I realize this takes away from the on page speed, but if you have to decide, SEO or page WOW.

Here is why.

When a search engine sees a page and the content of the tabs, the end user may not. As a result, you have a situation where someone lands on the page after they searched “widgets abc” and they do not realize they have to click on the tab to see the “widgets abc”. Not only is this poor usability, but it also leads to high bounce rates and Google hates the fact that you have to play find Waldo to find the content. So even though you might get google to index your content this one time, the odds are in the future google will most definitely figure out how to filter this result out. Google has made it clear, they care about end users finding what they are searched for, and they do not care about the WOW factor of the site.

When we work with clients, we simply say, SEO or WOW. They both have their benefits. If they say WOW, then we go out of our way to make sure key content is on the page and content not important to Google, like warranty details, are within the tabs.

I hope that helps. Use common sense. Win.

Dave M   10 years ago
We are now rewriting the tab content with more concerns of the SEO. It will be released mid or end of June.
What is WOW, please?
milo   10 years ago
If you open the demo and remove css styles ( I use a add-on for firefox to do that) you can click on each link and see the content .. this is what a search engine will see it won't see the JavaScript or the styles... I think that confirms its seo friendly. I posted because no one else has confirmed that is.
  10 years ago

John have answered of this once again in regards with the question I asked him about Tabbed content.

Tabbed content would be considered as secondary content so if you think you want to be ranked in Google for that content, make it primary (it should be visible on default load of the page) or create a separate page if it is really that much important.

  9 years ago

Tab content is SEO friendly only. All that matter is the HTML coding behind this that can be easily read by search engines. This is also more helpful to the visitors who access the web pages of the site.

Karen Jain   7 years ago
It will be searchable by Google, but does the link just bring you to the first tab?  Or will it know which tab to open for you to find the content you want?
Greg   11 years ago
For a visitor, clicking different tab link will open different content area. For a search engine, as far as I kown, it will index the whole page and does not care about the tab link as the mark after the sign # will be ignored.
Milo   11 years ago

google is definetly able to crawl the tabbed content but the main problem is it ignores it in serp (when you search for tabbed keywords, google brings up the page but not highlites the searched string in description snippet).

I know 2 websites that managed to get google not ignoring their tabbed content:

1) (content in guest reviews)


(content that expands on clicking for example on "How to exclude individual areas).

Does anybody know how they did it ? I would be very grateful.

cine   10 years ago


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