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Alignment the second menu to its parent LI element

Thanks for your  beauty menu . I need the second menu display exactly under  the top
menu , not right or left or center,under the top related  menu . Please help me .
shirin  10 years ago   viewed: 11981    

2 Answers

It seems not easy to implement it based on the current Tab Menu's working mechanism. However, you can do it manually. For example, you can give each of the first sub-level LI an ID (only required for the first sub-level LI), and specify its CSS style. For example:

<ul id="tabmenu">
        Tab Menu
            <li id="i1"><a href="?11">Sub menu 1</a>
                <ul> …

ul#tabmenu ul li#i1 {margin-left:120px;}
ul#tabmenu ul li#i2 {margin-left:220px;}

Note you probably need to set the secondary level sub-menu to be left-aligned:
ul#tabmenu ul, ul#tabmenu>li:first-child>ul

Milo   10 years ago

 Thank you very very very very much :) dear Milo .

My problem solved . :) 

shirin   10 years ago


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