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transitionType kenburns last slide always zoom-out


When I use Ninja-Slider's transitionType "kenburns" with 'stop at last slide', the last slide can show a zoom-in or a zoom-out. When it is a zoom-in, the slideshow will stop (after zooming in) with a fast (not nice looking) zoom-out. Can the last slide be forced to do a (better looking) zoom-out? Thanks. 

Fonyu  2 years ago   viewed: 1344    

3 Answers


It is not easy as the animation effect is defined by the CSS, and the CSS is generated by the JS for all slides.

  2 years ago

Not easy is possible, Can I override the effect CSS in JS after the .toggle() function? 

before: function (currentIdx, nextIdx, manual) {
                if (nextIdx == _end) ninja-slider.toggle();  ...   },


Fonyu   2 years ago

I solved it by adding new key-frames to the style-div of the HTML-file and add a style="animation: newkeysname 10s infinite; to the last picture of the li-list in order to override the CSS generated by the JS-file. No need to change the JS-file.

Fonyu   2 years ago


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