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transitionType kenburns last slide always zoom-out


When I use Ninja-Slider's transitionType "kenburns" with 'stop at last slide', the last slide can show a zoom-in or a zoom-out. When it is a zoom-in, the slideshow will stop (after zooming in) with a fast (not nice looking) zoom-out. Can the last slide be forced to do a (better looking) zoom-out? Thanks. 

Fonyu  one year ago   viewed: 1016    

3 Answers


It is not easy as the animation effect is defined by the CSS, and the CSS is generated by the JS for all slides.

  one year ago

Not easy is possible, Can I override the effect CSS in JS after the .toggle() function? 

before: function (currentIdx, nextIdx, manual) {
                if (nextIdx == _end) ninja-slider.toggle();  ...   },


Fonyu   one year ago

I solved it by adding new key-frames to the style-div of the HTML-file and add a style="animation: newkeysname 10s infinite; to the last picture of the li-list in order to override the CSS generated by the JS-file. No need to change the JS-file.

Fonyu   one year ago


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