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Image slider not working properly through Facebook app


We are using your ninja slider with a valid license and like to ask you for help. We have a landing page which includes your slider and it works in normal Desktop and Smartphone Browser very well. But used via facebook it shows only the "loading" screen.

When openning the link with the smartphone facebook app we are able to click on the included link to our landing page. It will be opened within facebook's browser and the loading image is shown. When then the page should be opened "in Chrome" via facebook app options on the smartphone then all images are displayed normally.

May you help us?

Alexander  2 years ago   viewed: 1868    

2 Answers


Can you see the same issue when viewing our ninja slider from

  2 years ago

The demo from menucool is working fine.

I found the cause and it is more simple as thought.

This is what we used for an image:

<li><div data-image=""></div></li>

Using this code the "loading" screen is shown for each picture

If I use this one:

<li><div data-image="images/AafesFireStick/tv_logos1.png"></div></li>

Then the image is displayed properly in the in-app Facebook browser. But when I add the full path inclusive domain the picture is not loaded. Then I tried testing some display methods and the result is that no fully qualified sources will be displayed in the in-app browser. Only relative sources are shown.

Maybe that helps other users in the future.

Alexander   2 years ago


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