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Improve Your Site’s Accessibility with a JavaScript Tooltip Script

When you’re running a website that presents large amounts of information in a way that has to be organized, there are often some accessibility problems that have to be solved in order to make your design really effective. For example, you must let your visitors know exactly what each option does and what the different parts of the page are related to, and that’s sometimes not possible through conventional design methods. In these cases, a very good idea would be to use a JavaScript tooltip script which displays small boxes of information when the mouse cursor is over a specific area, or under other conditions. The possibilities when using a JavaScript tooltip engine are numerous, as you can easily help your visitors learn what the different parts of your website’s design are there for, and guide them through the menus and all the different pages on the website in a breeze. That way you can add more layers of complexity to the overall design without having to worry about cluttering it too much, as you’ll know that you can always explain those extra little options in a simple way by adding another JavaScript tooltip to the appropriate element.
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