Click on the button at the top left corner to see the Super Panel.

The panel has been set to slideInFrom: "left".

Other demos:

Click on the button at the top right corner. The Super Panel has been configured to slideInFrom: "top, 10%", transparentLayer: true.

When the panel is opened, clicking on the semi-transparent layer will also close the panel.

Resize your window to see how the main menu at the top is hiddened, and how it is converted to a side menu that you can expand with a button.

This responsive solution is carried out by the super panel: the panel can automatically show/hide elements in the page when the screen reaches a preset breakpoint.

For details please read the "Built-in event handlers and functions" section in this page.

Click the links below to see how the panel can be opened with different contents which are set by the links' data-click or data-ajax attribute.

Populate panel content by functions:

Link 1   Link 2

<a href="#" data-click="myFunc, c0" class="panel-button btn-primary">Link 1</a> <a href="#" data-click="myFunc, c1" class="panel-button">Link 2</a>

Content retrieved through Ajax:

Link 3   Link 4   Link 5  

<a href="#" data-ajax="src/panel-content1.html, ajaxCallback" class="panel-button">Link 3</a> <a href="#" data-ajax="src/faq.xml, ajaxCallback_2, q1" class="panel-button">Link 4</a> <a href="#" data-ajax="src/faq.xml, ajaxCallback_2, q2" class="panel-button">Link 5</a>

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Super Panel

Super Panel will slide out from the left or right side of the screen with additional content.

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Demos & source code  (Release v2016.4.18)

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